Greetings card set of 5. Suitable for Christmas or Solstice. The wording inside says, 'Warm winter wishes'.

This card is from a watercolour painting of Stonehenge in the snow on a cold Winters night. The moon is trying to shine even though it is still snowing and it could be from any winters night in the last few thousand years. Visiting Stonehenge is always a magical experience no matter how many times you have been there. I was lucky, as a child, to be able to walk amongst the stones and I have tried to capture that feeling of 'other' that I felt, even as a five year old. That wild wind blown expanse and the huge looming stones were one of those memories that stay forever.
My wintery version is painted using just four colours and lots of salt which creates a very random effect that develops slowly, perfect for snow.

Each card measures 10.5 x 15cm or just over 4 x 6 inches and comes with envelope and celephane cover

SnowHenge Pack of 5