About us


I have lived in Cornwall since 2002 when I opened a small gallery to sell our paintings and small gifts, three years later we decided that the internet was the way to go and started working from home.

I am a self taught artist and my paintings are usually full of bold strokes although I am learning to also paint with a little more finesse and patience.

I love nature and the abstract in what I see, so I may have to explain to the viewer what some of the paintings are trying to depict.

My prefered medium is acrylic but I have been know to add things like sand, sawdust, paper and cardboard for effects.

My Jewellery started because of my love for the Steampunk style and I still make items of that ilk but I discovered beads and charms and now resin as well as coins and whatever I can upcycle so I have a mix of the weird and the wonderful in the shop.


Obviously I also live in Cornwall with Chris and I love to paint

Most of my work is based on nature; plants, rocks and small animals. I like things that intertwine and love texture. I enjoy digging into the shadows and picking out what I find.

Living in the wilds of North Cornwall, nature provides an endless supply of inspiration; from the breath-taking views, to the wild flowers on the road side; from the vast, to the tiny and to the imaginary.


I like to work with the un-looked for, the hidden depths and the ordinary, nature’s textures and complexity. I mostly work with watercolour, very wet blues, browns and greens that can be dropped in and allowed to find their way.

Having drawn and painted all my life I finally studied Illustration at North Devon College and

have been painting Cornwall for the last twenty years, but there is so much more to do.

I also have an alter ego that paints strange folds and patterns but that is another story.